A historic season starts

More than 100.000 members and 50.000 with season-pass to the debut of the Wanda Metropolitano.

 Today a historic season starts. More than 100.000 members and 50.000 with season-pass joined the club to the season that we will have the debut of the Wanda Metropolitano, the new home of all the atléticos. Although there are still weeks until the beginning of the competitions, the support of the fans is breaking records by showing the communion between the team and the fans.

Together, we made to place the club in the European elites. The atéticos around the world feel proud of a team that is now at the fourth place in the UEFA ranking, after being qualified for the Champions League five years in a row. This is a historic milestone for the club.

The red and white fans will enjoy a sports installation that responds to the highest standards of security, visibility, and comfort from September. An entertainment and catering offer meant for the best fans in the world.

The new image, that was announced last December, will help to reinforce the steps ahead taken during the recent years in the institutional and the sports fields. The badge evolves respecting the club's history and supporting our most representative colors.

The Atlético de Madrid is a club proud of its roots. In honor to Madrid, the bear and the strawberry tree are gaining importance and the upper part of the badge is slightly rounded as a gesture to the first emblem of the club.

Today we add one badge to those we've had along our history, but we don't renounce to any of the previous ones. They're equally ours and we're very proud of all of them. The history continues.

From 1903, the club has grown adapting the challenges of each era and evolving with the aim to offer the best results to the atléticos. With a present to feel proud of, the team, the club, and the fans start today a season that will be unforgettable for all.