We reach the historic figure of 100,000 members

Our club is experiencing an enormous growth in the last years and in the social area, hand in hand with our fans, it has become this spectacular number of members.

  Temporada 16/17. Niño socio 100.000

Nicolás, a 3-year-old child from Madrid, Atlético from birth, and since his parents, uncles and cousins are members of Atlético, he has become our 100,000th member, a historical figure that reflects the enormous growth that the entity is experiencing in the last years thanks to its extraordinary fans. In a season marked by the farewell to our legendary Vicente Calderón stadium and the move to the Wanda Metropolitano, to which more than 40,000 members have already applied in the first phase and hundreds of followers continue joining us every day, Atlético de Madrid is experiencing a very important growth in all aspects and in the social one it has translated into this spectacular figure of 100,000 members.

We closed last season with 86,253 members, increasing this number in almost 14.000 members in only 8 months. Of the current 100,000 current members, 48,441 are Season Pass Members and 51,559 are Non Season Pass Members.

The club has members in all the Spanish provinces and in 74 different countries. 39% of the members live in Madrid, 35% in the rest of the Community of Madrid, 24% in the rest of Spain and 2% abroad.

As to the age of our members, 44% are under 30 years old. On the other hand, 76% of the members are men, for 22% of women and 2% that are companies.

As for the seniority of the members, it is worth noting that 123 members have been such for more than 65 years, 400 for more than 50 years and 3,465 for more than 25 uninterrupted years of loyalty to the club.

From the club we want to thank all our members, members of supporters' clubs, fans that support us at the Vicente Calderón and at other fields of Spain and Europe for their unconditional support to our colours.