The capacity of the Cívitas Metropolitano has grown to 70.460 spectators.

The increase in capacity is due to the need to meet the ever-increasing demand for season ticket holders from fans and the general public.

The capacity of the Cívitas Metropolitano has been increased to 70.460 spectators. There are 64.440 seats in the general seating capacity and 6.020 seats in the VIP capacity. Thanks to this increase in capacity, the club is now offering additional seats for new season ticket holders. The deadline to obtain a full season ticket is Friday 15 September.

In addition, there will still be a number of seats available to meet the demand from non-season ticket holders, supporters clubs and the general public. The number of seats for people with disabilities and special needs has also been increased, thanks to the creation of new platforms in the middle tier with optimal accessibility at street level and very good visibility of the pitch.

The new seating capacity will also make it possible to accommodate a larger number of spectators for major music concerts and shows of all kinds. In this way, the Cívitas Metropolitano consolidates its position as one of the stadiums with the largest capacity in Europe.

Atlético de Madrid has been one of the driving forces behind the new agreement that has been established to encourage the attendance of visiting fans in LaLiga, and to which the majority of teams have finally adhered. Thanks to this, the maximum price will be 30 euros and the minimum number of tickets will be 300. In this way, the club is committed to facilitating the attendance of our fans both at home and away.