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The badge evolves for the 2017-18 season

The formal consolidated structure has been maintained, rounding slightly the top part as a gesture to the first badge of the Club of 1903. The red and white and the blue of the team’s characteristic kit, are the focus. The bet on Madrid has increased.

This midday, we have presented in the Vicente Calderón stadium the evolution of our badge for the 2017-18 season. The badge is the product of the Club’s work together with the prestigious communication and graphical design studio Vasava.

The symbol that our players will wear on their chests next season promotes our historical legacy respecting the formal consolidated structure, reinforcing the identifying elements that are part of the Club’s DNA and recovering others such as the deep blue of the founding badge and the curved shape of 1903.

There spirit of the Spanish badge with a pointed inferior has been maintained, stylizing it, while the top part slightly bows as a gesture to the first rounded badge of the team.

The black, brown, green and yellow are eliminated, to focus on the main colours of the team, red, white and blue, modifying their intensity and tone to now be like the ones used in the first historical stage of the Club.

The link of the Club with the city of Madrid is reinforced visually. The badge reproduces the scene of the bear and the strawberry tree with more prominence.

Of course, the seven stars are a fundamental part of the badge. They have been relocated and their importance in the composition has been strengthened.

During the event, a video that summarised the work process of the project for the attendees was played, in which Gabi, Gárate, Clemente Villaverde, José Antonio Martín ‘Petón’, writer and former football player, Miguel García Vizcaíno, founder and creative director of the agency Sra. Rushmore, and Enric Godes and Bruno Sellés, directors of Vasava, all participated in.

In it, our captain praised the result. "I like the badge because it’s true to our history", he indicated. Gabi believes that premiering it next season will be a source of pride: "Being the first ones to wear it continues to make us be a part of this team’s great history," he concluded.

For his part, Gárate noted that, "The evolution is going to be positive." For the former football player and legend of the Club, the badge, "maintains the identity, the colours, the stripes, and it transmits perfectly what Atlético de Madrid is."