Five recommendations for your visit

These are the keys to enjoy the historic day we will live next Saturday with the inauguration of the Wanda Metropolitano. Don’t forget to check them to enjoy an unforgettable day.

1. Use public transport to come! There are many options to come to the Wanda Metropolitano. Here, you can download a map with all the bus and Metro lines that reach the surrounding areas of the stadium.

  Mapa de accesos al Wanda Metropolitano

You can also find the best way of coming using Google Maps.

We recommend the Metro station ‘Estadio Metropolitano’ on Line 7 that exits just next to the stadium as the primary way to come. Thanks to its spaciousness and nearness, it is the most comfortable way of coming to the stadium. In addition, we have decorated her with Atlético motifs so you feel at home from the very first moment!

The stations of ‘Las Rosas’ (Line 2) and ‘Canillejas’ (Line 5) are 15 minutes away on foot. All of them will increase the frequency of their trains this Saturday. In addition, the EMT (Municipal Bus Company) will have a special bus service that will connect the transport interchange at Canillejas with Plaza de Grecia (in front of the stadium) two hours before and up to 1 and a half hours after the match. See you there!

On the other hand, 15 bus lines of the EMT and 20 inter-city buses give service to the area of influence of the stadium.

The administrations are working on finishing the additional connections to the M-40, M-21 and M-14, therefore we recommend the use of the public transport to come to the Wanda Metropolitano. If you need to come to the stadium by car, you can use the Arcentales M-40 exit, exit 8 of the A-2, the Canillejas Avenue to Vicálvaro or the wide boulevards of Las Rosas’s neighbourhood.

The car parks located around the Wanda Metropolitano are exclusive for the members who have reserved a space in these car parks and who have an access card supplied by the club. Any vehicle that does not have the above-mentioned card, will not be allowed access to the car parks.

2. Do not wait until the last minute! We inaugurate a new home and it is normal that we all need an adjustment period to learn the best way of coming to the stadium. Have foresight and come early. Outside the Wanda Metropolitano we have prepared many activities since the morning so the whole family can share a historic day for all the Atléticos. Here you have a map with all the information of the stadium to make things easy for you. Enjoy of an unforgettable day!

3. Enjoy the atmosphere from 11:30! The 'Fan zones' around the stadium will be fully functioning from 11:30 a.m. Take part in the activities for the whole family that we have prepared in the children’s zone, enjoy live music next to the south end and recharge your batteries at our bars and shaded areas. In addition, from 13:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 18:00, you will be able to enjoy our 'happy hour' with a 2x1 in beer and refreshments in the 'fan zone' (“Tinto de Verano” and alcoholic drinks not included). Join the party and enjoy with Atléticos from around the world while you get to know our new home!

4. Access the stadium soon and find your seat! The stadium gates will open at 19:00 so all the Atléticos have enough time to get to their seats. Of course, inside the Wanda Metropolitano, you will also find food and drink services. Everything necessary to make the most of the time before the match! Take your time to check your visibility, the comfort of the new seats and all the services at your disposal. And cheer the team on since the warm-up.

5. Download the official app of the club and you will have detailed information! It is available for both Android and iOS. On it, we will tell you all the details of the inauguration and practical information to enjoy this historic day. You can also learn about the latest news of the stadium on the Wanda Metropolitano profiles on Twitter (@Metropolitano), Facebook (@WandaMetropolitano) and Instagram (@WandaMetropolitano) and on our web