An expanding family

The warmth of our fans in the Vicente Calderón and the away matches is also felt in the Club’s social media, where increasingly more, Atléticos share and comment the team’s daily life with other red and white fans.

The largest 2.0 Atlético community offers you exclusive information on our day to day and is the perfect tool to comment along with other members of this family our team’s current affairs. It is none other than our Facebook page, where more than 6.3 million Atléticos are already together. If you’re not already a part of this, we’re waiting for you.

To know instantly and first-hand all that surrounds our Club, more than 900,000 people follow us on Twitter. If you want to follow live matches, appearances in press by Simeone and his players, or know the called players to a game, this is your place.

Relive from within the great victories in the ATM Insider, know first-hand the most personal moments of our players’ trajectory in ATM Flashback, know before anyone else the players chosen by Simeone for every match... are just some of the advantages that our nearly 55.000 subscribers of our YouTube Channel enjoy. Are you one of them yet?

More than 20 million people have passed through our Google + to comment on the team’s day to day. Please join us to continue sharing our love for these colours.

While 176.000 people enjoy our best photos on Instagram, there’s no better way to access exclusive pictures of the team. Images of trips, trainings or matches are only some of the contents that our fans are enjoying. Follow us to live the Club in a different way.

In addition, since a few months ago, the Chinese community can also enjoy our content in two powerful networks such as Weibo and Youku. In the first one, Weibo, more than 230.000 fans receive the latest news of the team. The Chinese fans who want to receive our videos follow us on Youku.

The red and white is also a big united family online. More than 8 million people are connected by a shared feeling, showing the greatness of our Club. Once again, thank you fans!