Simeone: “We’re going to face Atlético de San Luis with great excitement”

Our coach, Koke, Herrera and Felipe spoke before the media upon arrival in San Luis Potosí.

Simeone spoke about the match against Atlético de San Luis upon arrival in Mexico.

“We are going to face Atlético de San Luis with great excitement and looking to honour Atlético de Madrid. Every time we play, we have to show who we are. Mexico has always welcomed us in a great way, and I’m sure this time will be no exception. I hope people can enjoy the game and I hope it’s useful for both teams,” the Argentine said.

Koke spoke about our new players.

“Some young and excited players have come in. They’re very ambitious and that’s positive for the players who were already here. The new guys are humble, hard-working and ambitious, and that’s what we were after. We hope to complete a great season,” our captain said.

Héctor Herrera spoke about his arrival at our club.

“I’m very excited to be here. I’m going to do everything that’s asked of me. Players must be ready for any scenario. My dream was to play in LaLiga and I’m very excited to have joined this historic club,” the Mexican said.

Felipe also shared his thoughts ahead of the game.

“I arrived recently, but I’ve already realised that we’re one big family off the pitch, whereas on the pitch we’re very strong. Simeone asks us to work hard every day,” our defender said.