Quique Sanchez Flores: 'The result doesn't reflect what we saw on the pitch'

'The players gave their all to win'

Quique Sanchez Flores believes that bad luck is following the red and white team around and said: 'The result doesn't reflect what we saw on the pitch, everything's going against us. It was similar to the Athletic match. I feel stronger everyday, I'm really keen. The dressing room is in a bad way. They played a good game against a difficult rival. They did everything necessary to win. We missed a penalty and the team is devasted. We want to get to Zaragoza knowing we can win the game.'
The red and white coach also praised the behaviour of the Atletico supporters and stated. 'They're fantastic. I've said it a thousand times. I wouldn't change them for the world. I've had a great respect for them since my first day. They keep encouraging me, I'm grateful to them.'
Quique prefers to focus only on on the next game and assured that  'We'll try to make it to the end of season as well as we can during a complicated and ugly year. All the red and whites have to join forces. I'm worried about the squad, who train well, with spunk, and keen to turn this situation around. It makes me angry. I get up everyday feeling very eager.'
The red and white manager revealed at the press conference that 'I've just spoken to Gil and Cerezo and they've  demonstrated their full support. They are uniting the club instead of dismantling it. We're a team that won two titles recently. It's absurd to think about things that could divide the club. I'm not more important than Atletico de Madrid. Atletico de Madrid is more important than Quique Sanchez Flores. You have to give the players space to work. I want to be down in the mud, giving my all to get the team out of the cuurent situation. Resigning isn't the answer. It's absurd to think about things that divide. I want to be with team and take them into June in the best shape possible. I want to give my all for the team.'   With regard to the objectives that he has set from now until the end of the season, Quique pointed out: 'The objective is to do what we did against Valencia. Be worthy of the shirt and of the club, try to win every match.' 
As far as the referees performance, Quique thought that: 'They don't referee the same way at home as they do away. It surprises me that we receive a different treatment when we play at home, it surprises me because we are a big club. Aguero and Reyes get pounded every game but that's okay. The working-in of Elias and Juanfran to the team is being made difficult by the tough situation of the team. This is an elite team and it's hard to adapt in these conditions, but we hope they manage it.' Quique Sanchez Flores concluded.