More than 40,000 members have already chosen their seat in the Wanda Metropolitano!

Phase I has finished, a seat reservation process that gave the opportunity to choose a seat to members that had applied for club membership before the current season. From Monday, 30th of January, Phase II will begin, in which members that applied for club membership during the current season, both with a Total and Non Season Pass Membership, will be able to choose their seats.

Mike Schlaich: "The shape of the roof will be spectacular"

Innovation is a mantra for 'schlaich bergermann partner,' the engineering firm that is a world benchmark in the design of roofs. Maracaná’s, Johannesburg’s Soccer City or Bucharest’s National, in which we won our second Europa League, carry their signature. In the Wanda Metropolitano, they will go a step further, from the design of Cruz y Ortiz.