A dream come true

A few weeks ago, the Club launched a contest to find the best fan in India via Facebook. Thousands of participations later, the winner is Dhananjay Yadav.

We are 10 million fans and we need to celebrate!

We celebrate the record on Facebook with our number 10. Print one of the 'discount bills’ with the image of Arda and pay 10% less in the Calderón’s store or on our online store using the code 10 M.

Atlético de Madrid: Like!

The Atlético family keeps growing. In the last year, our page has added more than 8 million followers.

Eleven on the pitch and eleven million off!

The passion for the red and white colours doesn’t stop growing. More and more fans around the world come together on the official profiles of the Club on social media.

Our family grows: 70.000 members

Our fans’ loyalty is impressive. We are now an Atlético family of 70.000, a community that doesn’t stop growing.

The great Atlético family

The historical record of Atlético members closes a golden season. The new memberships and renewal period to aim at the 70,000 mark is already open.