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Wanda Metropolitano, the new home of Atlético de Madrid

The magnificent façade of the Wanda Metropolitano seen from the northeast corner. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
Part of the future commercial area, with the façade of the Wanda Metropolitano behind it. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
The general images of the south end allow you to see the progress of the placing of the roof's projection. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
The space reserved for car parks next to the south end platform can be clearly seen. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
The access for the Supporters' Clubs will be more comfortable because the parking space will be able to park 150 buses next to the stadium. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
Two walkways over the north and south ends join the compression and traction ring. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
Amazing image of the northern walkway connecting with the oval of the traction ring over the pitch. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
The placing of the membrane of the traction ring has progressed a lot in the the east side. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
Spectacular view of the west side from the walkway connecting the rings in the north end. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
Several radial panels have been placed on the upper compression ring pending their installation in the coming weeks. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
Over the stands, we are preparing to raise the walkways that will go on the traction ring that will make this oval completely accessible. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina
Work is being done on the staircases that will delimit the sectors of the lower stand. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina