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Advances in the roof and the stands of the Wanda Metropolitano

The magnificent west side of the Wanda Metropolitano, with its ground floor dedicated to shopping areas in the foreground. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
Spectacular effect of the roof projection where the west side meets the north end. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The projection will protect the fans as they approach the building. The structure will be covered by a Polytetrafluoroethylene membrane, like the rest of the roof. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The installation works of the roof tresses of the projection's structure continue advancing in the east side. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The handholds of the stairs are being installed in the stands. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The structures of the seats are being installed in the stands of the south end. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
A crane raises to the traction ring one of the structures that will support the lighting equipment for the pitch and the lower stand. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
Two teams of workers are working in the north and south end installing the radial panels of the roof membranes. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The Polytetrafluoroethylene, the material chosen for the roof's membrane, is elastic, translucent and very resistent. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
More than 50 specialised workers, divided in several teams, are in charge of installing the panels at more than 40 metres up in the air. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The splicing of the radial pieces that have been installed in the roof will be done at a later stage by heat-sealing with custom-made panels of the same membrane material. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The walkways of the traction ring have been placed. Work is now being done in the steel platforms that will make a bridge between them and will allow the oval to be completely accessible. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
The corridor of the Neptuno-Atlético de Madrid Premium ring of boxes is taking shape. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.
Spectacular image of the upper stand corridor. / PHOTO: Alberto Molina.